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We’re more than happy to welcome new people to join us in releasing anime for the fans. The more staff we have, the more projects we can take on.

We’re looking for people who can do at least some or all of the following or willing to learn:

  • Syncing audio to video.
  • Editing subtitles to a degree. Usually just making a signs-only track, but sometimes adding OP/ED lyrics.
  • Karaoke (KFX) maker
  • Timer (retimes subtitles to fix scene bleeds, split overlap lines, etc.)
  • Editor (edits subtitles to correct typos and improve spoken dialogue.)
  • Typesetter (create typesetting for on-screen signs, episode titles, etc.)
  • Video Encoder (encodes video source, requires avisynth knowledge.)
  • Distro (creates torrents, helps seed torrents, etc.)
  • Quality Checker (checks over final mux and makes sure everything seems good to go for release.)

Initially we started off as a dual-audio remux group that utilized fansub group releases as a base, however with fansubs dying out, we’ve had to resort to doing our own typesetting, video encoding, and subtitle work. So we’re hiring in all positions. So if you’d like to apply, we’d greatly appreciate having more people on the team to ensure projects move forward and so that more projects could be picked up that otherwise wouldn’t be due to lack of staff.

You can also check into joining our Blu-ray release group Kametsu where your talents could be put to good use as well.

If you’re confident enough to apply, talk to Koby directly.

As always, you can leave a message here or find us on IRC.

2 thoughts on “Recruitment

  1. Hey guys, I’m willing to help you but I don’t have much knowledge besides muxing, mostly for myself and low quality. You can see it by my Posts. But I like your projects of Dual Audios and would be honored if we can help each other.

    • Contact Koby on the forums. He is currently away for the time being but, he’ll reply to you when he can. He’ll be the one to speak to.

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