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We’re more than happy to welcome new people to join us in releasing anime for the fans. The more staff we have, the more projects we can take on.

We’re looking for people who can do at least some or all of the following or willing to learn:

  • Syncing audio to video.
  • Editing subtitles to a degree. Usually just making a signs-only track, but sometimes adding OP/ED lyrics.

Since we’re mostly a group dedicated to remuxing fansub releases into dual-audio utilizing SimulDubs, we don’t really require encoders, timers, or typesetters; but there is always the possibility that we might for specific projects. So if you want to apply as a backup case then by all means. Otherwise you might be better off joining our Blu-ray release group Kametsu where your talents could be put to good use.

If you’re confident enough to apply, talk to Koby directly.

As always, you can leave a message here or find us on IRC.

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