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Izetta, The Last Witch – Episode 05


Izetta, The Last Witch – Episode 05: [Torrent] [XDCC]

v0 currently as Chyuu dropped (and later undropped) the show and hasn’t put out any episode past 4 at this point. So this v0 release features our very own video encode with subs from Crunchyroll (unedited dialogue-wise) restyled to match Chyuu, Chyuu’s karaoke added, and some half-assed shitty typesetting. I cba to put effort into a full edit or proper TS for something that I hope gets swapped out eventually.

v1 now out with Chyuu subtitles. Decided to keep my video encode for this episode and my chapters file (Chyuu didn’t mark the ED in their Chapters). So basically all I did between my v0 release and this is swap out my shitty subtitles for Chyuu’s subtitles.

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Drifters – Episode 01


Drifters – Episode 01: [Torrent] [XDCC]

Undropped! Or, renamed? Renamed. Not dropped just, renamed. …Yeah.

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