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Attack on Titan S2 – Episode 02 (27)

Attack on Titan S2 – 02 (27): [Torrents: (720p) (1080p)] [XDCC]

If you managed to download the first 1080p torrent for this episode before it was taken down, you can find an xdelta patch here to update to the fixed version with the proper fonts attached. Sorry for the mishap.

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Spring 2017 Season Pick Ups

In case you haven’t already heard, we’ll be picking up five six seven eight series for the new season as follows:

1. Alice & Zoroku (May 3rd)
2. Attack on Titan 2 (April 23rd)
3. Clockwork Planet (May 8th)
4. KADO: The Right Answer (April 30th)
5. Love Tyrant (April 26th)
6. Sakura Quest (May 9th)
7. The Silver Guardian (May 3rd)
8. WorldEnd (SukaSuka) (May 1st)

These can still be subject to change, especially if more series are announced for the Simuldub line-up, but these are what we’re planning to do at this time.

We’ll also currently looking for others who’d like to join the team to release more Simuldub dual-audio series. So if you’re interested in applying, please contact us, either in the comments, through the forum, or preferably on our IRC channel.

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Attack on Titan S2 – Episode 01 (26)

Attack on Titan S2 – 01 (26): [Torrents: (720p v3) (1080p v2)] [XDCC]

We’ve re-released a new version because we opted to add the 5.1 English Dub audio from the Adult Swim broadcast as it’s a lot better quality than the 62kbps HE-AAC FUNimation Simulcast audio. Of course to sync it required edits however because both the OP & ED were cut and the preview isn’t aired on Adult Swim either. So the OP & ED audio was spliced in from the Japanese track and the preview was spliced in from the FUNimation Simulcast audio. We opted to keep the FUNimation Simulcast audio as a secondary option (at least on this episode anyways) since the sync was already done though.

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