It’s that time again as a new season is on its way. After great deliberation, here is what the [LostYears] group has decided to pick up this season:

  1. Attack on Titan Season 3
  2. Hanebado! *Surprise Pick-up!*
  3. Harukana Receive
  4. Magical Girl Raising Project
  5. Overlord III

Continuing from last season:

  1. My Hero Academia Season 3
  2. Steins;Gate 0

Several members of our staff are taking a break this season either due to burnout or vacation. We really need more staff, so if you’re interested in joining to team contact us! In any event, for a while it looked like we may have had to sit this season out, which was why we’ve taken so long to announce our season pick ups this time. However a few things came together and we’ve received word of some fansub group picks that allowed us to move forward.

Since DDY seems to be stalling out on Attack on Titan 3 and their video quality was sub-par and their editing introduces TL errors, it seems we’ll be doing the show with our own encode and subtitles thanks to Scyrous and kBaraka. Just depends at this point if kBaraka can find the time and desire between the other weeklies else we’ll fall back to DDY or unedited CR depending on what the staff decide when the time comes. I think we may have a couple HDTV cappers on standby to cap the Adult Swim airing for that sweet 5.1 audio rather than rolling with the 2.0 audio from FUNimationNOW too. If you’re capable of capping and would like to be a back-up in-case of emergency contact us!

Overlord III will be an in-house production, thanks to kBaraka (timing, typesetting, editing) , CaptainJet (2nd pass edit, QC), Etzimal (ktime), and myself (encode).

Magical Girl Raising Project, while it technically was released two years ago, it’s getting a weekly English dub now. As a result we’ll be doing a dual-audio remux utilizing GJM’s Blu-ray release. Hanebado! will be a dual-audio remux of Bakemono’s release. While Harukana Receive will be a Tsundere remux.

Of course, we’ll continue our two series that continue from spring: Steins;Gate 0 and My Hero Academia Season 3, both of which are technically in-house, except for the video for MHA is a straight CR rip since we didn’t have anyone to step up as an encoder for it at the time when it started.

It’s possible a few changes to our season line up can happen. You never know if we’ll have a surprise random pick up or something. It’s possible we’ll pick up The Master of Ragnarok & Blesser of Einherjar, depends on staff member Idle (he’s expressed willingness) and how much demand there is for it.

As always, we’d love to pick up more, but lack of staff availability and fansub decline prevents us. We’re always looking for others who’d like to join the team to release more Simuldub dual-audio series. If you’re interested in applying, please contact us, either in the comments, through the forum, or preferably on our IRC channel.