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Now Hiring: All Positions (Typesetters Especially)

We initially started the group as a dual-audio alternative of fansub-only releases by remuxing existing fansubs with Simuldub audio. However in recent seasons we’ve watched as fansub groups and fansubbing itself has died out. A lot of last season (and previous seasons) has seen the majority of shows no longer being covered by fansub groups and those that do get covered tend to see massive delays and eventually get stalled into oblivion.

Relying on groups for the backbone of our remuxes has become something we can no longer reliably rely on and as you can see, quite a few shows (Fuuka, Sakura Quest, Masamune-kun, Kobayashi, Love Tyrant) have ultimately been indefinitely stalled while for some shows we’ve managed to pick up the slack on and cover ourselves (Akashic, Chain Chronicle, Clockwork Planet, Drifters, KADO). Unfortunately we can only stretch our staff to do so much at a time and the few staff members we have had working on the shows are tired and getting burned out. So as we take on more responsibility with future releases, we need a larger, more capable team to keep things fresh and going strong.

This is where you come in. We especially need typesetters willing to typeset signs and on-screen-text. We can currently handle the audio syncing and video encoding, but it would of course always be nice to have more people on board so people can take breaks, go on vacation, and not be stressed week to week about constantly being available. We could always use timers, encoders, editors, distro, and qc members as well. We’d prefer if you’re already experienced and capable of handling the tasks, but if you’re willing to learn, we would be willing to help teach.

If you’d like to apply, either comment here on this post, on our recruitment page, PM Koby on the forum, or contact Koby on the IRC channel.

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Knight’s & Magic – Episode 05-08

Knight’s & Magic – Episodes 05-08: [Torrent] [XDCC]

 This release utilizes HorribleSubs 720p video as our usual encode source had stalled for the past 4 episodes. These are to be considered v0 as a result, until we batch the series at its completion.

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